The wide markets Market Nostrum intends to cover, its dispersion on both sides of the Mediterranean and its socio economic and cultural heterogeneity require the application of a sector media planning, where different advertisement actions divided by geographic sectors are considered for an efficient project presentation between the euro-Moroccan enterprises.

Internet, due to its large impact capability will be used as a mean for the execution of a powerful simultaneous campaign in Morocco, Spain and Europe by the acquisition of Google campaigns. Also, will be subjected to positioning tasks to promote its visibility in the web.

Likewise, with the specific purpose of capturing companies to participate in the portal, an advertisement campaign using traditional means will be designed for the Moroccan market. Billboards will be contracted to provide advertisement on the roads and advertisement will be included in prominent newspaper.

Finally, a telemarketing campaign will be developed for the South East area of Spain and the North of Africa starting from the entrepreneurial confederations and chambers of commerce associated companies data which are provided by said entities. Said procedure will allow the performing of meetings for the joining of interested companies.

All public or private cooperating entity will be reported as such, with their respective logo at