Trust is the main value that Market Nostrum provides to the euro-Moroccan commercial transactions. In this trust procedure the Certification Office action is key, being its objective to certify companies, products and one or several of the purchase-sale procedures itself, by the coordination of a certifiers network with the capability of extending the certification procedure to the companies in the Moroccan provinces of Oujda-Angad, Nador, Berkane and Taourit, as well as the Spain South East Area .

Every company which adheres to Market Nostrum can input all the data it wishes to provide about its company and products, being therefore the certificate optional. Nevertheless it will be able to obtain the free certificate from the Certification Office when it requests it, beginning a procedure which will develop in one way or another depending on its objective:

01) company certification
02) products certification
03) commercial operations certification

All documentation gathered during the agents visit will be digitalized and included in the platform.